Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well happy new year to us all, happy new decade while we are at it. Though some worry it will all be over in 2012 but at lease they scheduled that right before the Christmas gift exchange but after the office holiday parties. I think the date is December 21 which is a good date for it I guess. I am looking forward to this year as I feel optimistic about it. What with the recession kicking my ass and just about everyone else that I know I figure we have to be bouncing back up soon. Things have to get better. We have to start making them better for everyone and ourselves before it ends in 2012.
I stayed in for New Years Eve. I watched the ball drop on television and worried about the superstitions I neglected to follow. The next day I heard about a friend being attacked and assaulted in the East Village that night and felt it was wise to have stayed in.


  1. cute! Welcome tot he blogoshoere - it'a all about the hits. get hits - sell advertising - end of story -

    love you r pics from facebook - put em here and GET THE HITS

  2. paul, you are fantabulous, love the blog...and as for new year, I have spoken to someof my friends and a lot of us decided to stay home for this one, good dinner and champagne!xo