Friday, January 8, 2010

Icon of Fashion

I had cause to remember my fashion icons today and thought although there is so many, I choose Patricia Field as the most influential fashion icon to my personal style. I worked in her store at what has to be considered the hay day, a bit in the late 80's and then 90-99 certainly it was my hay day. Working there was a platform and showcase for flamboyant outrageous dress. The current store still is but I was in the original 8th St store. In those days there was expensive fashion and inexpensive clothes. Finding inexpensive fashion was a challenge. Patricia Field was the place to look first. It was the height of the club kids and we all came to work done everyday. It was the fashion then Grove was in the Heart. Patricia Field's store was the ammunition and the fuel we needed to be the peacocks we wanted to be. She is a strong willed woman that pushes you to express yourself and her store allows you to risk a fashion trend and not break your bank. Working there we had a great discount so we all were able to constantly change the look of our inner muse all the time. We had the support and the occasion via Patricia Field's.
When I first met her in the 80's and all through the 90's she would pull the looks. She still does but now she puts it on Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha on Sex and the City. Carrie dresses like how she dresses and Samantha is like how she would want to look. That's the main reason those two characters look the best, they both are the type of woman Pat Field really is. She also dresses Ugly Betty and you can see her all in Vanessa Williams' character Wilhelmina.
I love Pat, she is always herself. She never puts on airs or speak to anyone different than the next. That inspired me to try to do the same and though I don't always achieve it, I do remember to do it often enough.


  1. Wow that was the Hay day .. I remember living at 14 5th Ave.. right a half ave. away from Patricia Fields xxo and She is authentic... love that about her~~

  2. I just downloaded Groove is in the Heart. I dance to it on the treadmill at the gym and I don't care that ppl give me looks, I'm having my own party. I also loved the store on 8th street, always made it a point to visit if I was in the area.