Wednesday, January 13, 2010

smile score

I am so not ready for the future. That's why I am adopting the punk slogan "No Future". I don't intend to be here for the future, just for the present. Each day will be it's own day and no future plans will be made. Of course there will be small exceptions but no real long term plan. If I live to see 80 it will be a surprise and if I can afford to live I will be more surprised. I am getting a little overwhelmed with the bills and the tax schedule. I hate that they always come. Every year we do new years and then the tax ads start appearing on television. I know that taxes go to a lot of good things but I hate the routine of it happening each year. It's not like Christmas at lease not for me. It seems to be the governments Christmas. All that money comes in on that one day, that must be fun for them the next day.
Money just never is enough. No matter how much I get, it just is not enough. I can always think of something I need money for that I just don't have enough to get. The wealthy people I know complain about the same thing. It just never is enough. No matter how much you have you always will need more. Imagine if we didn't use money. If all we needed to obtain something was a smile. You could walk into any store and pick what you want and take it to the counter and just smile and say thanks. Every month you could stop in at your landlord's office and just smile at them and say thanks. Thanks doctor, thanks airline, thanks supermarket.
When I was in college I had a friend who would say 'thanks supermarket' each day. he would go to the same supermarket each day and steal his dinner, everyday. Not just some can of beans dinner, no he would steal a filet minion everyday, and the word wasn't 'thanks' but rather, 'Score'. That was his word for it and each day we would ask did you get your dinner he would reply, "Score".
I was not the type to 'score'. I just can't do it, maybe if I could I would be eating filet minion now instead of chicken every night.
Maybe if I were an A list celebrity, I know they get to score lots of things. I bet whatever Madonna wants, score, Angelina, score, Rihanna, score, who's gonna tell them no. While I smile and just pay for whatever I can afford.

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