Monday, January 11, 2010

notice me

We all just want to be noticed.....
I went out tonight, the first time for the new year. I don't know why I saved it till Sunday, but I did. I stayed in on New Years Eve and watched the ball drop on tv. I then called my friend in California and talked him through his new year count down. I drank a beer to toast the new year but that didn't "pop" like a lot of others countdown might have. After that night I just stayed in each night. I had the idea to go to different parties, but it was so cold in NY that I just couldn't leave the warm bed. I was just saving it all up. It was worth saving. It was a good night of NYC nightlife. I realized for sure tonight that everyone going out just wants to be noticed. Of course we all want to hook up also, but it starts with the flirtation. Notice me, notice me, why don't you notice me? Is that bad? I so love to see and be seen. Otherwise I would stay in my house.


  1. Well I for one am glad that you picked Sunday!
    It's always gay to see you Opal.
    And I'm sorry to embarrass you like that.

    When Paul (aka Opal Tuesday) came up to the DJ booth (aka the stage) I threw on his classic Ones/George Michael hit. "Flawless".
    The crowd went crazy seeing Paul up there and then hearing his song.
    I know it's a cheap trick but I never said that I was above a cheap trick.
    I AM a cheap trick!

    Thanks Opal.


    LOVE your blog and your pictures are amazing.

  2. was fun to get out and be seen with ya! ;)