Saturday, January 16, 2010

journal entry Nov '93

I read through my old journal last night. just two of them. I found the one from 92-3 so fun to read. Here is what I wrote on November 1 1993...
Halloween was fun. I went to Cynthia's and did her make up and then we went to Alba Clemente's party for the kids. It was so much fun the kids had a great time. Of course celebrity filled- Lauren Hutton is so weird- but the supermodels showed up with Christian Slater- Christy Turlington, Naomi, Kate Moss, Veronica Webb was there with Russel Simmons and Victor Matthews- Jay Davidson was there also Kara Young. Christy was the best though. She remembered taking the picture with me when I mentioned it she described it, she's the best. I can't believe how many Sally costumes I saw last night ( from Nightmare Before Christmas).
I can't believe River Phoenix died.

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