Monday, January 11, 2010

Party in a party

Don't we love those wonderful moments when we are at a party or event and steal away for a private party from the party. You know when you are at a family gathering and you and your cousin go outside or in a bedroom away from the party and do the catch up side party with your wine or whatever. Those are golden moments, and then you go back to the party and enjoy that.
I love the party in the party thing. It happens sometimes when you are working or with friends that are working in a club and you go into an office with your beers or whatever and start shooting the breeze. you can end up talking for a long time laughing and telling stories while the club is going outside. I remember going to APT and feeling like there was a private room somewhere there that was having another party and I wasn't invited in. I most likely would not want to be in there but I would just want to know I could be in if I wanted to be. I kept going to APT to find the private back room and discovered there was none. There was the employee bathroom but that was just a bathroom not another private room. We love the idea of a vip party but then we miss out on the rest of the party. It's nice when you have the option of being in either setting. Sometimes the best moments happen in the off to the side party.
The photograph I choose for this I took at the Diesel party last year. Its a projection of a crowd on the building the party was in. That party all the artist performing had their own trailer and a vip party tent that you needed the right badge to get into so there was this hugh event with shows and music and on the side another small celeb thing was happening and the idea was they would go from the VIP party and get on stage and perform for the big crowd. So I was going back and forth between the two rooms to get the drinks in the VIP and then watch the show in the big event room. I was not performing that night but I love the party in a party idea as long as I'm invited to it.

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