Friday, February 19, 2010

The Fashion Week

Fashion Week is officially over. What a week is was, although I didn't see many shows I felt I got in enough. I went to Haring/Field party which started it. That was really a fun night. So many friends, it was nice to see the first 500 of them but then that party got overwhelming with the kisses and the photos. However the collection was really good.
My favorite show though was The Blonds show. It was packed with glamorous pop star fashions and was really strong as far as shows go. It opened with a King Kong costumed someone who once halfway up the catwalk peeled off the costume to reveal it was Phillip Blond. The collection was consistent and cohesive and ultra deluxe. Chain mail corset dresses and Venus in Fur spiked and fur sleeves.
My lease favorite and a big disappointment was A Muse by Richie Rich and Pamela Anderson. I was not amused at all. Every thing was wrong about it. Not even the hair and make up could save it. Amateur models mixed with professional which never looks right, the make up was a thick black line zigzagging on the side of the face and high lighted with red. It looked like the make up team just had an eyeliner and lipstick to work with. The clothes were the worst thing about it though, they looked cheaper than a bargain basement piece from Conway. It was cheaper than Heatherette if you can imagine anything being that.
My week ended with the closing party at the Bryant Park tents. That offered an open bar and a chance for all the young fashion interns to let loose and drink too much, which they all did. I got to have a moment with Kelly Cutrone who is doing really well with her reality show. She was there in dark glasses taking pictures with her fans and followers and basking in her new fifteen minutes of fame. I tried to take her picture and she blocked the shot with her hand. I don't know why because we then took a really good one together with her photographer, and hugged and caught up for a minute. I went back into the party and danced a few more songs till it ended at 2
Next season they move it to Lincoln Center. Wonder what that will be like?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Pat Field

Fashion Week got off to a weird start with the death of McQueen but for me it seems to be alright I guess. Despite all that is wrong with my personal situation I manage to turn a look for the Patricia Field Keith Haring party on Thursday. That was a really good party. Quite huge I think 3000 people came. I must have known a good 1000 as by the end of the party I felt I had kissed that many people and posed for a hundred photos. I was overwhelmed by 1:30 when I left. The next night I went to my first show of the season but got there late and didn't get to sit as it was just about to begin when I arrived. It was fine as I wasn't into the collection. It was boring standard garment center fashion which is necessary but doesn't make for an interesting show. Right after I went to meet Pat Field at a gallery show for the Nakamaura Keith Haring Museum in Japan. It was an exhibit of photos of the building which is quite gorgeous and modern and houses the private collection of Keith's work collected by Mr. Kazuo Nakamura. It was also Pat's birthday so directly after we went to her place for a celebration. She had a catered dinner for a few friends close to her, and there was cake.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen

Wow, what a loss for the fashion world. Alexander McQueen was one of few original designers in my lifetime. I became a fan back in the 90's but more so in recent years as I came to appreciate his creativeness and showmanship. I remember seeing him at Jackie 60 just taking the whole scene in. He was there with Kate Moss.
His last collection was so brilliant and the ones before also were just so inspiring. He was on my lips all last night as I talked about him at dinner and then later passing the McQueen boutique a block from my house, and saw the Spring collection in the window, I wanted to photograph the crazy shoes on the mannequins but though I would do it today. I woke today to the news of his death and ran to the store but it was closed and in mourning, the windows were covered and a row of roses were laid in front of the window. Really sad news on so many levels.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Party All Night

Just getting in. I did after hours in a suite in the Maritime Hotel for old times sake, for the old NYC party, I took another one for the team. It was fun to be among my friends. I had gone out earlier about 12:15 with Patrick, my running mate. We went down to Vandam as I wanted to see the show. It was my friend Jun, she doesn't perform normally so I wanted to see what she would do. She did a great show.
I had a drink with Ladyfag, a Johnny Black on the rocks, and then had a second later. It was all good. Ran into two friends and the four of us left to Hiro for the last call. Had a third there but added a water back, cause my Uncle Roy told me that. He told me you got to drink water in between drinks, and I know three is the limit anyway. At this point I am good, I am high from the booze and so I danced a bit to Honey's music till the last song she played, Sade's newest single Soldier Of Love.
At this point my two friends and Patrick, another friend, and myself went up to their room in the hotel so I could play them the new Any Winehouse from youtube. Two more friends called and came up and drinks were poured and the party was on. We were constantly raising the level of our banter and reminding each other to keep it down to a low roar. Round two of cocktails but I stuck to water, I kept it cute.
The whole thing was very old time party night in NYC, when the city didn't take a nap from four till day light. It was nice to be with them and nice to know the party can still go on after the music stops. I was never into the after hours scene as I don't partake in after hours activities and such but I did this to keep the old flame burning.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NY Nightlife is on the way back

I'm so glad NYC is on the come back with the nightlife. Kenny Kenny and Susanne Bartsch are turning out their nights with Vandam on Sundays and Bon Bon on Tuesdays, which are both great nights. The music is good, the kids show up in their looks and a good time is had by all. I also love the F Word on Fridays with Formika Jones and the crew, that has come in just when Mr Black ended and has taken over the night. We needed this resurgence of party life to the city. I am so sure it will boost the economy. What City Hall doesn't realize is nightlife brings people to the city to party and they shop for it in the stores and they have to eat and all that feeds the economy.
Well my friend on the community board says the cops are going to be relaxing the policing a bit as the recession has caused them to stop hiring cops and the ones that are working will be having shorter hours on duty, including the vice squad, so the night clubs should be having a bit of a break from the big clean up they were doing for the last few years. Which means the wild crazy nights can go on without too much fear of being shut down. Well thank God for small favors and let the good times roll.