Thursday, January 7, 2010

Don't get lost in the glitter

"Don't get lost in the glitter, you will miss the gold" College Counselor Carol gave me that advice but I told her "I like glitter". I graduated and started towards gold but I reverted to glitter. Don't get me wrong, glitter lead to some form of gold, but I'm still lost in the glitter.
I went to school at Parsons and studied fashion design. I was going to do that for a living but made a B line towards music instead. I have loved doing that for all these years but every fashion season I get the pang to be a designer when I see the collections. I love the runway shows. They are the best thing about fashion to me. The clothes at their best. Sometimes a photograph in a magazine can do it better, but usually the first time you see a garment is when the model steps on to the runway and that's when you fall in love with it. Besides, the models are so damn pretty. I love em. Bunch of skinny bitches. Making too much money some of them, but the ones that do are worth it cause they are, major, in every sense of the word. So beautiful and yes they do have to work hard when they work but they make it look effortless. They bring it for me. I still long to be a fashion designer because of those skinny bitches.

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  1. I long to be a boy wearing those dresses and pumps with fierce makeup on runways..... I feel you Paul... I will always be lost in the glitter... there's always a little in my pocket! ;-)