Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Has the club scene really ended? I've been seeing the writing on the walls and getting the wake up calls but I was just ignoring all that and opting to continue going out. I realized that it was not like in the nineties but so what, I was still going to fun events on a weekly basis. Even now I know that Sunday night is always a fun night out. Two great parties at lease to go to, three if I can handle my liquor. Every night of the week there is someone I know promoting a weekly party and then the one-of 's that happen with occasions, so there is always a celebration somewhere on any given night in NYC but just not like the ones I think I remember. What happened to the art in nightlife? It just doesn't happen in NYC anymore. I still see it in San Francisco and in London but NY not really so much if at all. There is just that small group of young kids that are giving it. They are my only source of inspiration.
Seems now though there is a shift in the venues, and the bars, restaurants and even the hotel lounges are the new hot spots to be. It's been the case here for awhile but now night clubs have nothing special to offer so why not just go to a bar, at lease there you don't have to buy a bottle to get in.


  1. Congratulations on the new blog! We shall look forward to reading it..

  2. The reason The Clubs are dying out is that no one puts on a good stage show in the middle of the night .. The people that they let in with such fervor ... cant afford a bottle perhaps because possibly their rent hasnt even been paid for.. Then drinks are $14.00 .. which Im not complaining .. its just people have forgotten the reason why Clubs and Lounges worked so well... Do we need Glenda Good Witch to Explain .. theres a form of isolation that is taking place at the clubs.. when it comes down to it alllllll... its how many drinks were sold ... Period.. I feel anyway- and a Good Show will get people to a Club.. Lounge.. I miss a good show.. "The Stage Experience" There really is a Format to making a Club work and Nyc needs to get on it xo