Friday, February 19, 2010

The Fashion Week

Fashion Week is officially over. What a week is was, although I didn't see many shows I felt I got in enough. I went to Haring/Field party which started it. That was really a fun night. So many friends, it was nice to see the first 500 of them but then that party got overwhelming with the kisses and the photos. However the collection was really good.
My favorite show though was The Blonds show. It was packed with glamorous pop star fashions and was really strong as far as shows go. It opened with a King Kong costumed someone who once halfway up the catwalk peeled off the costume to reveal it was Phillip Blond. The collection was consistent and cohesive and ultra deluxe. Chain mail corset dresses and Venus in Fur spiked and fur sleeves.
My lease favorite and a big disappointment was A Muse by Richie Rich and Pamela Anderson. I was not amused at all. Every thing was wrong about it. Not even the hair and make up could save it. Amateur models mixed with professional which never looks right, the make up was a thick black line zigzagging on the side of the face and high lighted with red. It looked like the make up team just had an eyeliner and lipstick to work with. The clothes were the worst thing about it though, they looked cheaper than a bargain basement piece from Conway. It was cheaper than Heatherette if you can imagine anything being that.
My week ended with the closing party at the Bryant Park tents. That offered an open bar and a chance for all the young fashion interns to let loose and drink too much, which they all did. I got to have a moment with Kelly Cutrone who is doing really well with her reality show. She was there in dark glasses taking pictures with her fans and followers and basking in her new fifteen minutes of fame. I tried to take her picture and she blocked the shot with her hand. I don't know why because we then took a really good one together with her photographer, and hugged and caught up for a minute. I went back into the party and danced a few more songs till it ended at 2
Next season they move it to Lincoln Center. Wonder what that will be like?


  1. The photos from the Blonds show were outstanding, looked like a lot of fun backed up with some legitimate and wearable pieces we'll definitely be seeing all over the red carpets for the music events this year.

    Shame about A Muse, but I always reduced Heatherette down to just their afterparty each season because it would make for the most insane night of fashion week. I think that went to the Haring/Fields party this year, though which was a blast.

    Good catching up with you there!

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  3. I don't go to many shows as I used to...the all scene just drive me crazy...but I also like to support people that I know...and said that, although I get a lot of invites for the shows, the Blonds and Alexandre Herchcovitch were the only shows that I decided to attend...I do love Alexandre Herchcovitch work, follow him since Brazil..and The Blonds show? Sorry but any person with a good sense of anything, knows that Phillipe's entrance was the closing of fashion week...that was so stunning in "all" levels and the show was just pure glamour. Muse? Didn't go...didn't get an invitation...
    Love you Paul.