Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NY Nightlife is on the way back

I'm so glad NYC is on the come back with the nightlife. Kenny Kenny and Susanne Bartsch are turning out their nights with Vandam on Sundays and Bon Bon on Tuesdays, which are both great nights. The music is good, the kids show up in their looks and a good time is had by all. I also love the F Word on Fridays with Formika Jones and the crew, that has come in just when Mr Black ended and has taken over the night. We needed this resurgence of party life to the city. I am so sure it will boost the economy. What City Hall doesn't realize is nightlife brings people to the city to party and they shop for it in the stores and they have to eat and all that feeds the economy.
Well my friend on the community board says the cops are going to be relaxing the policing a bit as the recession has caused them to stop hiring cops and the ones that are working will be having shorter hours on duty, including the vice squad, so the night clubs should be having a bit of a break from the big clean up they were doing for the last few years. Which means the wild crazy nights can go on without too much fear of being shut down. Well thank God for small favors and let the good times roll.

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