Monday, February 8, 2010

Party All Night

Just getting in. I did after hours in a suite in the Maritime Hotel for old times sake, for the old NYC party, I took another one for the team. It was fun to be among my friends. I had gone out earlier about 12:15 with Patrick, my running mate. We went down to Vandam as I wanted to see the show. It was my friend Jun, she doesn't perform normally so I wanted to see what she would do. She did a great show.
I had a drink with Ladyfag, a Johnny Black on the rocks, and then had a second later. It was all good. Ran into two friends and the four of us left to Hiro for the last call. Had a third there but added a water back, cause my Uncle Roy told me that. He told me you got to drink water in between drinks, and I know three is the limit anyway. At this point I am good, I am high from the booze and so I danced a bit to Honey's music till the last song she played, Sade's newest single Soldier Of Love.
At this point my two friends and Patrick, another friend, and myself went up to their room in the hotel so I could play them the new Any Winehouse from youtube. Two more friends called and came up and drinks were poured and the party was on. We were constantly raising the level of our banter and reminding each other to keep it down to a low roar. Round two of cocktails but I stuck to water, I kept it cute.
The whole thing was very old time party night in NYC, when the city didn't take a nap from four till day light. It was nice to be with them and nice to know the party can still go on after the music stops. I was never into the after hours scene as I don't partake in after hours activities and such but I did this to keep the old flame burning.

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