Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Pat Field

Fashion Week got off to a weird start with the death of McQueen but for me it seems to be alright I guess. Despite all that is wrong with my personal situation I manage to turn a look for the Patricia Field Keith Haring party on Thursday. That was a really good party. Quite huge I think 3000 people came. I must have known a good 1000 as by the end of the party I felt I had kissed that many people and posed for a hundred photos. I was overwhelmed by 1:30 when I left. The next night I went to my first show of the season but got there late and didn't get to sit as it was just about to begin when I arrived. It was fine as I wasn't into the collection. It was boring standard garment center fashion which is necessary but doesn't make for an interesting show. Right after I went to meet Pat Field at a gallery show for the Nakamaura Keith Haring Museum in Japan. It was an exhibit of photos of the building which is quite gorgeous and modern and houses the private collection of Keith's work collected by Mr. Kazuo Nakamura. It was also Pat's birthday so directly after we went to her place for a celebration. She had a catered dinner for a few friends close to her, and there was cake.

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