Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Blonds S/S 11

Roxanne Lowit at The Blonds SS11 fashion show

I went to The Blonds Spring Summer 2011 fashion show. It was one of their best shows ever. So polished. They were inspired by Old Hollywood and Marlene Dietrich, and opened with four dancing girls and finally Phillipe was revealed as Lily Marlene. I didn't get really good shots of the collection. I don't have a camera that can do that kind of photography well. I did capture some details and highlights from the audience.

Phillipe Blond opens the show

then Phillipe and David close the show

Patricia Field
Cynthia Powell
I dunno who she is but a few people took her picture and she was front row. A young starlet?
Lila and Cynthia
Ladyfag and Musto
Gregg Wolf
Auntie Anita
Aaron Cobbett and Kabuki
Sylvia Tosun and Mike Ruiz
Tina Paul and Arhlene
Corey Grant Tippin
Kenny Kenny

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